Summer French manicure

I have been needing a manicure for more than 3 weeks!  But since I haven’t yet found a babysitter for little Maxi and I can’t take him with me to the salon because he hates sitting in his stroller without visual stimulation (in other words, the park), I wasn’t able to get one.

Luckily, I complained to the right person!  A friend of mine has a woman who comes to her house to do her nails.  On top of that, this manicurist is good and fast.

So she hooked me up with this manicurist and I was able to take care of my nails.  Hurrah!

And, as usual, I spent some time thinking what color and design to get to reflect the weather and my mood.


This is my result: a French manicure with a delicate twist – instead of white tips, I got a thin line of sparkly silver.  Oh, and that’s another thing, I decided to cut my nails short so that they aren’t too showy.

Perfect for summer weather!!


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