Benefits of meal planning

Anyone looking to eat better should go through at least 1 week of meal-planning.


Screenshot (10)

  • You save money – When you plan a week’s meal ahead, you know exactly what food you will need during the week, and in what amounts, so you won’t end up binge-buying foods just because they appeal to you in the grocery store!
  • You don’t waste food – Continuing from the previous point, you will also only buy the exact amounts of each food you will need, and therefore will end up consuming everything you buy by the end of the week.  If you prepare and package all your food the day before you start your meal planning, none of it will go bad.
  • Shopping is easier – If you have a grocery list of all the ingredients you need for all your meals for the week, then that 1 trip to the grocery store is all you need!  You won’t be going back (or sending a family member to the store on their way home) in the last minute because you don’t have enough of something to make dinner.
  • You eat healthy – When you take the time to plan your meals in advance, you pay  more attention to giving yourself food from all the necessary food groups and you also manage proper portion sizes.  Then, when it’s time for a snack, instead of reaching for the unhealthy chips (which you don’t have since they weren’t on your grocery list), you’ll take whatever healthy snack you prepared earlier, according to your meal plan list.
  • You won’t stress out about “What’s for dinner?” – You’ll be able to be solely focused on everything else during the week, since you won’t have to worry about thinking up what to eat, nor will you have to spend any long amount of time preparing your food!
  • You save time – Continuing on from the previous point, having had already planned all your meals, you can prepare your ingredients in larger batches, all at once, and then separate them into portion sizes for the week.
  • You eat a variety of meals – When you plan ahead, you ensure that you are not stuck eating the same meals day in, day out.

In addition, there’s so much you can learn from just one week of meal planning!

It helps you:

  • understand correct portion sizes
  • learn new and easy meal recipes
  • understand calories
  • space out your eating
  • learn to incorporate various superfoods
  • eat healthier

So even if, after a week of meal planning, you decide it’s not for you, you still learned a lot about how to eat healthier!!

Go on, don’t hesitate; give it a try!!


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