Marvellous May

I love May.

gorgeous tree

It’s just that I love warm weather.  And living in Poland, I don’t get it year round like in L.A…. So May is the first month of truly warm spring weather.  April can go both ways still, but May is pretty consistent.

white flowers

Also, the beginning of May is always a long weekend in Poland since the 1st and the 3rd are holidays, meaning that people also take the 2nd free from work, and take the family out of the city.  We usually leave the city too.

But not this year.  And I have to say, it’s great because the city is so empty!  It’s calm!  Totally not the usual Monday in Warsaw, that’s for sure!

So while hubby had to fly to Frankfurt for the day for a meeting, I took the boys outside.


What I love about where we live – it’s very central, but still walking distance to a nice and peaceful park.

So that’s where we went.

Of course X had to hit up the outdoor exercise machines.

Something that’s great about kids, which I wish we adults still did…  When X sees other kids playing, he’ll just go up to them and ask if he can join.  Why do we as adults stop?!  Life would be so much more interesting and fun!

boys playing

So he made some new friends, playing with what looked like a huge red frisbee.

In the meantime, Maxi go hungry, which was totally unexpected, so I found a quiet bench away from the main park paths, and settled down to feed my baby.

fed in the park

It was actually the first time I fed him in public.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against women breastfeeding in public.  It’s just not for me.  It wasn’t with my first child, isn’t with my second, and still won’t be if I have any more kids…

In the meantime, a woman was walking around with a tray of freshly baked waffle bites, inviting people to her food truck just a few steps away.  You know that any living, breathing 9 year old boy won’t let that pass!  So on our way back, of course we hit that place up!

X big feet

sweet sefie

So you’re probably looking at X’s feet thinking that I took this photo at a strange angle.  Nope.  His feet are THAT big!  He’s not yet 10 and he already has size 41 shoes!  That’s a size 8 mens.  He’s also tall compared to the other boys – 152cm, which i just shy of 5 feet.

How were you first days of May??

three little noses


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