Taco bowl and eggs

Thursday was uneventful.  Besides taking Maxi to 2 doctor’s visits for checkups, it was a normal day.  Not much to write about.  So I’ll get to the food 🙂

devilled eggs

This may be funny, but I was most excited about the deviled egg today.  I love deviled eggs, and up until today (except once 2 weeks ago) I had never made them.  I only enjoyed them at parties if someone happened to make them…

Once again, SkinnyMs has provided a great recipe… for deviled eggs.  Of course I only made and ate one, but I could have eaten more!!  They’re about 100 calories per 1 deviled egg.

For lunch I had chosen a taco bowl.  I love tacos and never before thought about taking the ingredients out of the taco…  But it works!  And man, was it filling!!

taco bowl



Taco bowl: 1 cup cooked brown rice + ½ diced bell pepper + 100g pork + 1 cup shredded romaine + ¼ cup corn + shredded cheese – 550 calories.  (In my original meal plan, I should have also added avocado and tomato, but this was already so much that I just didn’t want to overdo it by adding more ingredients…



While my meal plan for the week originally called for a chicken lettuce wrap for supper, I decided to make something else.  I was unhappy with having not made my frittata the other day, so I decided to do something with eggs (maybe that 1 deviled egg just made me want more!)

spinach scrambled eggs

So supper was spinach scrambled eggs.  2 eggs + a handful of spinach + 1/2 tomato + a bit of low-fat feta cheese – about 250 calories.  I added a pinch of salt and pepper and viola! I had breakfast for supper 🙂


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