Tuesday’s time

As Ice Cube rapped back in the day, “it was a good day”.


Now I don’t know when I will be able to get enough sleep again.  Really.  But I don’t mind, so long as I got my day under control, get everything done for the family, and maybe even have a bit of time for myself.

Tuesday was such a day.

me time

It all started with little Maxi woke up at 6am to be fed.  That is my ideal time to start the day!  I fed him, and then had a bit of time with him awake before I had to wake up my older son to get ready for school.  So I drank my water with lemon and sat down at the computer to do some light browsing – through Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook, you know, the usual suspects.

Then at 7 I woke up my son, helped him prepare for school, and by 8 it was once again just Maxi and me (hubby was still sleeping).  I made my usual French Press coffee, some breakfast, and once I was done, Maxi was ready for a nap.  Perfect!

We went to his room, I got him to sleep and sat once again at the computer.  Since I had the door shut, my time was just that – mine.  At around 9 I fed Maxi again, but he was still so sleepy that he quickly went back to sleep and I was once again free for me time!


So such a morning really makes up for the fact that I slept just 4 hours that night (I came home late from a girls’ evening).

So, about Tuesday’s meals – the day went smoothly despite having to make some small adjustments…  (Here‘s a link to this week’s meal plan).

It seems that Maxi had gas problems last week when I ate Greek yogurt, which means I had to change my breakfast: oatmeal + goji berries + strawberries.

But my snack remained unchanged – yummy!!

smoothie tuesday

Blueberry spinach smoothie: 1/2 cup each frozen strawberries & blueberries + 1/2 medium banana + 1 cup spinach + 1 cup low-fat milk.  Total calories: 235.

When lunch time rolled around, I realized that we had run out of pearl barley, which was on the menu, so I exchanged that for buckwheat.  I know that buckwheat has more calories than barley, but it also has many benefits: it’s high in protein, it’s gluten-free, and it has various properties which help with digestion, keeping low blood pressure, and drawing out retained water.

chicken with buckwheat

So Tuesday’s chicken barley salad turned into chicken buckwheat salad and was tasty!!  60g dry buckwheat + 150g chicken + about 1/2 tomato + fresh cilantro + balsamic vinegar.

After this salad, I wasn’t really in the mood to eat a snack afterwards, so I just waited till I was hungry and ate my supper for the day: tuna salad.  I made it for myself and hubby, and totally forgot to take a pic.  But trust me, it looked and tasted great!

Tuna salad: 3 romaine leaves + 1/2 can tuna + 1 hard-boiled egg + 1/4 cup corn + 1/4 cup shredded cheese + 1/4 diced red bell pepper + balsamic vinegar.  Calories: 413.  This is actually a large salad, so I ended up not eating it all.  Next time I have to cut some ingredients.

So, thanks in part to Maxi waking up at the right time, and having a great meal plan, I like Tuesdays!  How about you???




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