A Jamie Oliver dinner with friends

Wednesday was a chill day.  It rained all day so we were stuck indoors.  But that’s ok because there is something about being at home while it’s raining that feels so calming.


And then in the evening we left Alexander with his grandpa, and we went with Maxi to our friend’s house for dinner.

See, we have 2 other couples that we meet with at a regular basis.  We rotate who hosts, plan a theme for the evening food, all chip in with the meals, and then sit, drink wine, eat good food, talk and then, always play games.  My, do we love our games!!

Our favorite game to play together is called Carcassonne.


If you like games with friends or family, and you don’t know this game, then you have to go get it!  It’s strategic, so it’s not boring, but it’s also not so complicated that you spend hours learning how to play the game.  Real fun!!

But yesterday we didn’t play Carcassonne.  We played a new one – Bang!  It’s a fun game where each player is given 1 of 3 identities, which are secret, and have to eliminate 1 or more players based on their identity.


It’s a short enough game that you don’t get bored, and you can have fun getting others to believe you are someone you aren’t, in order to win the game.  If you have a good poker face – this game is for you!

Besides the games, the theme for food yesterday was healthy Jamie Oliver meals.  I made the appetizer – a mint yogurt dip with veggies (recipe here).  The main was made by our host, Chicken & Squash Cacciatore – YUM! and finally dessert was mini cheesecakes with a healthy twist.  No recipe because my friend took Jamie’s recipe, and tweaked it to be a healthy dessert 🙂

As for the first part of my day – the menu plan was great!

Breakfast: granola with banana, goji berries and milk, plus of course my morning coffee (400 calories)

spinach pear smoothie



Snack: Spinach pear smoothie: 1 cup spinach + 1 pear + 1/2 banana + 1 tsp ginger + 1 cup green tea (about 170 calories)

pork wrap





Lunch: pork wrap: 100g pork + 1/2 avocado (smashed with lime juice) + 1/2 cup sprouts + 1/2 cup each roasted carrots and broccoli + whole wheat wrap (about 460 calories)




skinny pb yogurt dip



Snack: skinny peanut butter yogurt + 1 medium apple – recipe here (just under 200 calories)





And my supper was the Jamie Oliver dinner mentioned at the top of this post.

Delicious day!  How about yours?



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