A great way to eat right!

I have to say – what a difference it makes to prepare your meals in advance!  And it’s not that I prepared everything into neat little boxes like I’ve seen some people do, I just did the more time consuming things over the weekend, such as cook the meats, prepare the hummus, that kind of thing.  The rest I did when it was time for my meal.  And because of this little bit of advance preparation, I was able to eat the right portions at the right times!  Totally love this idea.  And my boys were happy too, given that they also had food ready for them for whenever they wanted to eat 🙂  Win – win for everyone!

hummus + carrots

I saw this idea with the jar on pinterest the other day and thought to give it a try.

Looks convenient – right?

Well, looks can be deceiving!  While it is a comfortable way to store the snack, once you actually want to eat it, it becomes a total pain in the …!!  I had to use a spatula to get the hummus out of the jar!  Once I transferred it all to a bowl, I was able to actually enjoy this snack stress-free.


So first snack of the day was about 1/4 – 1/3 cup hummus + 2 carrots.  Total calories: less than 300.


chicken wrap

Chicken wrap for lunch was so yummy!  At the last minute I decided to add a bit more variety so I added a radish 🙂  While the wrap may not look like much, it is so tasty and filling!  Added bonus: it was wrapped in a tortilla.  I may not be Mexican, but I come from Los Angeles, which means I grew up on Mexican food and Tex-Mex (it’s not the same!!) so I just looooove tortillas!

I actually think it may be in my genes since my 9 year old also loves anything wrapped in a tortilla.

How to make a chicken wrap: 150g grilled chicken, cut into bite-sized chunks + 1 large lettuce leaf + 1/2 tomato + 1 tbsp hummus + 1 radish + 1 whole wheat tortilla.  Total calories: about 390.

Spread the hummus on the tortilla, pile on the other ingredients, roll the wrap, heat on a pan (no oil/butter/whatever needed), about 1/2 min on med-high heat per side, and serve!

banana + peanut butter

After such a filling lunch, the second snack of the day was a simple banana spread with 1 tbsp of peanut butter.  I have to admit – peanut butter is my weakness.  Up until now, I only ever ate peanut butter with apple (or, I’ll say it, off a spoon spoon with peanut butter).  It’s great with banana too!

In addition, peanut butter has many benefits for the body!  It’s full of fiber and protein which fills you up and keeps you feeling full longer 🙂


My last meal for the day unfortunately was sabotaged, as I had a girls evening with 2 of my friends.  It wasn’t at my home, so I couldn’t prepare the BLT salad which I was looking forward to.  Interested?  Here’s the recipe.  Total calorie count: about 430.

Full disclosure: I had 3 glasses of wine wine glasswine glasswine glass  And I totally don’t regret it!  You know, I have a 3-month old, so such an opportunity for me to de-stress without my kids, only with my close girls friends was really a treat.

What are your favorite meals and snacks?


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