Weekly menu 1

Ok, so while I am for sure more mindful of how and what I eat, I still am not able to fall into the rhythm of eating 5 times a day and eating the right amount of calories each time.  Thus it’s time to re-vamp my process a bit.

change nothing

Lately I’ve seen lots of weekly meal plans on the internet, and I’m thinking that I like the idea!  But, me being me, I wanted to create my own as opposed to following another one.  Don’t get me wrong – I think that many of the meal plans that are out there are great and all, but I just like to take control of my own things.

take control of your life

So I set a meal plan for this week, researched all the recipes, calculated all the amounts and calories, did my shopping and prepped a few items I knew I wouldn’t rather have time for during the week (week being 5 days so far).

menu 1

Above is my very own meal plan.

While some of the meals and snacks are my own ideas, I also pulled some ideas from various websites.  My favorite website is www.skinnyms.com.  There are so many great ideas on this site!  I am totally addicted to it.  If you don’t know this site yet, you must click on the link.  Trust me – you won’t regret it!

I also pulled from a few other sites such as Buzz Feed and Ambitious Kitchen

Like the way it looks (and tastes)??  I’ll be posting the various recipes in my  next posts 🙂


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