Re-organizing my fridge

Everyone whose ever tried to diet or change their meal plan knows that a messy refrigerator only makes things more complicated.  So, in the spirit of eating healthy, I decided to completely re-arrange my fridge so that it be most optimal not only for me, but also for my older son and husband.

I handed baby off to husband and got down to it.  Now, of course I did not come up with the organization techniques on my own!  I googled through many websites to find how best to arrange my fridge for our family.

Need inspiration?  Check out these links:

And I must say that I’m so proud of the result!  I just hope my boys keep to the idea that “every product has it’s own space” and don’t “re-arrange” it anytime soon…


So what’s the logic here?  Well, considering that this is a typical European fridge (read: small), I didn’t have much space to work with.  But this is what I’ve got:

  • Top shelf: Condiments, jars, leftovers, seeds/nuts
  • 2nd shelf from top: eggs and a basket with cold cuts
  • 2nd shelf from bottom: all dairy except milk – yogurts, cream cheeses, butter and a basket with cheeses
  • Bottom shelf: raw meat, raw fish, a container with carrots and radishes in water, and a container with corn.
  • Bottom left drawer: all veggies (packed so as to guarantee they stay fresh as long as possible
  • Bottom right drawer: all fruits which must be refrigerated

The main points which I followed were: condiments which don’t fit on the door go at the very top (apparently it is warmest there), dairy in the middle and raw meats and fish on the bottom so they don’t leak down onto other products.  Then, veggies and fruits in the crisp drawers, packaged according to freshness.

Out of the fridge: bananas, apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers (I know! Apparently it’s best kept out of the fridge!), potatoes, onions and garlic.

Do you like to keep your fridge organized?  What works best for you???


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