My healthy eating plan

Some background regarding my diet plan.

I’m breastfeeding my 3 month old, so I know that I can’t diet as women who aren’t just post baby, do.  I visited a dietitian to consult about what I can do in order to drop the last 9 kg from pregnancy and then a further 5 kg, to the weight that I felt most comfortable at.  She said that I should consume about 2400 calories per day, at which I would shed about 1 kg per week.



I didn’t really understood what 2400 calories per day looks like until later, when I weighed and documented my food.  Oh My Lord!  I was barely able to get the calorie count up to 1500!  And since my friend is going on a diet where she has to consume 1500 calories per day, I decided that my target calorie range will be between 1500-2000 per day.

calorie counting
(this is what I feel like when counting calories)


But I can’t really call this plan a diet because first of all, I’m not cutting down on the amount I eat.  Actually, I’m upping it because we should be eating 5 times a day.  Second of all, I choose what is in my meal plan.  This diet of mine is rather a focus on eating a wide variety of healthy (and yummy!) food.

diet rules


Please join me in the journey I am beginning.  I will make mistakes, I will not always be on time with meals, I’ll probably even skip meals here and there due various situations of everyday family life, but I will learn, and I hope you will too!!

What are your healthy eating rules?  Any pointers???  I’m up for all the advice I can get!


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