My first post

Hi!!! My name is Anna, or Ania, as they call me here in Warsaw, Poland, or “hoops” due to the fact that in my 20s I almost always wore big hoop earrings and that became my signature…
Why Poland?  Well, though I was born in the city of Angels, I have Polish (and Russian) roots.
la to warsaw


My dad is Polish and my mother is Russian.  Long story short, they met in Warsaw, dad got a job in L.A. so they moved there, had me, and 20 years later decided they wanted to return to Warsaw.  I zig-zaged a bit in high-school – 1 year L.A., 1 year London, 2 years Warsaw.  I bounced back to L.A. for 2 years during college and then finally landed in Warsaw in 2001, where I have been since then.

Fast-forward to today, I have 2 sons – a 9 year old (Alexander) and a 3 month old (Maximilian) – both born here, and a wonderful husband, Kamil, who is Slovakian.
Kind-of international, I guess you could say 🙂
So why am I starting a blog???
Well, I have decided to watch what I’m eating in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy (and then to my pre-husband) weight and therefore am planning and documenting what I’m eating and counting calories.  My husband suggested that since I’m so meticulous in this, I should blog about it and everything else that is going on in my life now.  I love organizing, planning, fashion and creativity.  I consistently experiment, draw inspiration from everywhere and test things out on my own.  So I thought – why not give it a try and blog about it?  Now here you are reading my first blog.
I hope that I don’t disappoint you – that you find what I share here interesting, funny, informative, supportive and all those positive vibes.  I hope for your interactions with me via comments, so that we may connect 🙂  Let’s share our stories and experiences!!
Please do leave a comment with your link so that I can get to know you too!

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