Stomach flu while on Keto :(

So I guess I have some explaining to do.

First let me say that I was blogging day by day keto with a 2 week delay.  This was the only way that I was able to write and prepare the posts properly before publishing them.  Therefore, I still have a bunch of unfinished keto posts which I hope to publish soon!!

The plan was to do 28 days according to the book, and I did 26.  Why not the last 2 days?  Well, that’s because it turns out the stomach flu took over our household.  Luckily not everyone at once.  And so it was first my hubbie, then the baby and afterwards, me.  Luckily Alexander managed to escape it 🙂

Anyhow, when it hit me, it affected me terribly.  I had never experienced something so strange!  Here is what I wrote soon after the experience:

So it turns out that on Wednesday afternoon I had the stomach flu.  But at the time I didn’t think it was that.  I thought that maybe the bacon I had had was old, and my stomach needed to return it, so to speak.

After hugging the toilet for a while, I still decided to go to the movies with the other moms.

bad moms 2

I wasn’t feeling 100% but I figured my stomach was empty, so nothing bad could happen.

Well, I drank a bottle of water.

Therefore, half way through the movie, I had to run to the bathroom to return that, too.


I made it through the movie, but unfortunately was not able to enjoy it totally.

As soon as it was over, though I drove straight home.   I wasn’t feeling well.  I went straight to bed.

The next morning, Kamil got up with Alexander, while Maxi was still sleeping, and then woke me up when he had to go to work.  Within 15 min Maxi woke up.  So I went to him.

When I picked him out of his crib and put him onto his changing table, I thought I was going to faint.  Suddenly I couldn’t stand, I was weak like never before, and quickly my hands started to get stiff.

I called Kamil, telling him he has to come back home because I can’t move.

Looking at my hands, I felt like a dinosaur!  They were stiff to the point I couldn’t move them, and hurt like hell.  The shape they took is exactly like a dinosaurs front hands – so weird.


Kamil said that it is because my body has not had any carbs or sugars for a month, so it had no reserve for energy after I vomited everything out.  He brought me some sweet juice, and soon after that I could move my hands again.

Obviously I wasn’t taking care of supplements that are necessary when doing Keto!

He begged me to stop keto, at least for now.


Fine by me.  I never had such an experience like this!

The rest of the day I was weak but functioning – barely.  I ate just a bit here and there, and made sure that what I ate had sugar in it.  So this gave me a headache for the whole day.  But I knew my body needed it.

Now it’s a day later and I feel better.  Like new.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that my weight is 69.6kg / 153,12 lbs!!!  I hope to stay at this.

So while I may not be in total keto mode for now, I for sure will stick to what I learned… portion size control and also not everything needs to have carbs and sugars.  Keeping fingers crossed that the weight will stay off.

Anyways, for sure today evening, once the kids are in bed – hubby is out of town again 😦 – I’m going to cuddle up on the couch and have me a nice glass of some French dry red wine.



Keto week 3, day 3

Weight – same as yesterday… and the day before.

But I’m not discouraged.  The average weight loss for this time period is still good.

Today is Monday, which means toddler group 🙂  Yeay!

Chia Almond Oatmeal (1).jpg

So in the morning, I ate the “oatmeal” I prepared last night.  Well, I had exchanged the almonds for walnuts since we didn’t have any almonds in the house.

That was a mistake.

The walnuts gave the oatmeal a kind of sour taste.  The kind of sour that doesn’t fit here.  So I added some Stevia and cinnamon.


And topped it all with fresh blueberries.

And that was nice.

I can do it again.  But next time according to the recipe 🙂

Toddler group was a success in that Maxi actually shared.  I had to convince him a little bit at the beginning, but then he was all cool with it 🙂  Yeay!

So after, we arrived back home and as per usual, Maxi went off for a nap with a bottle.

I made myself lunch for today and tomorrow since it’s the same: Walnut Fennel Salad.


I remember loving it so much in the first week, so I was totally looking forward to having it again.

Making it, I was wondering if it was enough since after lunch my nanny was coming so that I could go to the gym (wo-hoo!).

It definitely was filling, but the gym was not easy.

I need to start going 2-3 times per week again to get back to my previous ability, so to speak.

I heard that the first weeks doing Keto can lead to a decrease in gym performance, but I don’t want to just blame the fact that I’m on this new diet.  I know that I haven’t been going regularly, so I know it is my fault.

I pushed as hard as I could, but I didn’t take it too far.  After all, nothing good comes from pushing too hard at the gym.

IMG_3577I do have to say, though, I did a good job on the bike as I managed to burn more calories than the last time I was on the bike.  Not that much, but it was a step forward 🙂

But I can tell you that now, this evening, I totally feel my muscles.  I wonder if I’ll be able to walk up the stairs in my own home – carrying a 16 lb. toddler nonetheless, tomorrow.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


So dinner tonight came late.  That’s because I had an English lesson with my neighbor from 7-8.

But I had been waiting for this dinner for a while now.

Rib Eye Steaks

Finally time for Rib eye Steak!!!!  With Spinach Souflee.

Hubby prefers his steak rare, while I like it well done.  Which means he had to wait a while until mine was finally done, before we could start eating.

The garlic butter on top is fantastic.

Truth be told I love anything and everything with garlic.

Especially meat.


As they say in Poland – MNIAM!!!  (Yummy!)

So, with a full belly, I go to bed.

Maybe not the best idea in the world, but hey, once in a while it’s okay 🙂


Week 3, day 2

Weight – same as yesterday. This week coming up, I’ll be hitting the gym like I used to: 3 times per week.  At least I hope so.  Truth is, it all depends on my nanny.

Today, I will once again go off my book to make a meal.  As I mentioned, we have Kamil’s Godmother coming over for a late lunch and I promised her Orange Duck.  Now, while duck is on the Keto “yes” list, orange, nor the stuff used to make the sauce, isn’t.  So what I’ll do is make the duck the standard way, and then make 2 separate sauces: orange, and something else that is keto.  The side dish will be red cabbage with a bit of carrots and onions.  So that’s keto ok 🙂


Breakfast today, after lemon water and black coffee, is the Vanilla Belgian “Waffles” from last week.  I reheated 2 of them, cut up some strawberries and sprinkled some cinnamon over it all.


I’ve read everywhere that berries are the best Keto-friendly fruits.  And good thing cuz this household LOVES berries of all kinds!!

So Auntie came at 2pm, and soon after we sat down to eat lunch.  It was a great feast of Roasted Duck, Orange Sauce, and Red Cabbage slaw.

As I said, the sauce is not Keto, so I refrained from eating it.  Nonetheless, the duck was great – not at all dry.  I actually followed a Martha Stewart recipe (well, 85%) to roast the duck.  The sauce is also from her website.


I found the recipe for the slaw here.


Lunch was so delish and filling, that I didn’t need supper.  So unfortunately, the Fiesta Lime Chicken Chowder I was looking forward to making and then eating, was “overlooked”.

Maxi wearing Auntie’s glasses 🙂

But still, today was a sweet day.

Looking forward to the rest of this week!! xoxo

P.s. Tomorrow’s breakfast must be made the evening before and sit in the fridge overnight…

Keto week 3, day 1

Weight: 71.3kg / 157 lbs.  – “Don’t worry” I tell myself.  This will not be an consistent upward movement…


But I’m not going to focus on this because I’ve really been looking forward to today.  I made an appointment at a salon to get my nails done as well as my eyelashes.  I haven’t had my eyelashes done in a year, and my nails have been waiting for a month, or more.

Besides that, we have plans to go to the movies today.  The babysitter is coming to stay with Maxi while Kamil, Alexander and I go see the newest version of Murder on the Orient Express.  It’s got a star cast and I love Agatha Christie novels (I’ve read this one twice, as well as seen the original movie more than once).


IMG_3537In addition, I have to get some groceries done because not only is today the first day of a new week and thus a new meal plan, but also tomorrow we have Kamil’s Godmother coming over for duck.


So I ran out of the house in the morning to go to one grocery store before my salon appointment, then the salon, and then a second grocery store after (because it’s hard to find everything in just one store!!).



That means there was no time to prepare the planned breakfast.  Instead  I just took the 2 left over egg muffins from yesterday’s breakfast and ate them in the car once I got hungry.

Lunch time was also a rush since I had less than 1/2 hour from when I got home until we had to leave to the movies.  So I did my first ever imrpov Keto meal:

2 eggs + 2 slices of bacon + 1/2 avocado.


Sounds like a typical breakfast, right?  Well, I just couldn’t think of anything else which would be just as filling and quick to make.

And it worked just fine since, even though Alexander had a large popcorn and was crunching away at it throughout the whole movie, I didn’t feel the need to join 🙂


By the time we arrived home, hubby and I were quite hungry.  And despite the feeling of urgency to eat something RIGHT NOW, I decided to finally cook at least 1 of the planned meals for the day.


And so I made the Herb-Infused Chicken.

It calls for the juice of 2 lemons, and I was worried it would be too much and overpower the other flavors, but not at all!  It was just right!

Also, the recipe states that it should be in the oven at 450F.  My oven doesn’t heat that high.  My oven only heats up to 435F.  So I had the chicken in there for 20 min covered and then an additional 15 minutes uncovered.



Browned but not burnt.  Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.  And the olives!  I love olives, but have never baked anything with them.


The meal plan calls for a Broccoli-Cauliflower Casserole to go with the chicken.  Since I didn’t make it ahead of time and I didn’t want to wait for yet another meal to be done in the oven, I decided to wing it.

Boiled up some broccoli so that it was soft yet crispy, fried some onion and garlic on a pan at the same time, added that to the broccoli once it was finished (and drained!), poured a bit of sesame oil and sesame seeds, and served that on the plate.  Then I added some shredded Swiss cheese on top for fun 🙂


The meal came together real nice!  I’m not sure what the macros is for the broccoli, but I’m not worried.  To be honest, I want to get to a place where I can be Keto, but not have to follow strict meal plans.  I just need to learn portion sizes and what is/isn’t Keto.

As for portion sizes, I can tell you I have already learned…  Before starting Keto, I would have automatically put 2 chicken thighs on my plate.  But I put only 1 even though it looked small.

And good!  It was enough!

I walked away from this meal feeling full but not overfed.

And hubby and I had some dry wine.

After all, he’s most often away from home now traveling, so we like to indulge at least a bit while he is home.

Cheers and good night xoxo

Keto week 2, day 7

Oh no!  I forgot to post yesterday’s post!  So here it is 🙂

Ok, I gotta be honest here.  After yesterday evening’s random eating (no structure, all Keto though) I don’t even want to weigh myself today.  I know I’ll be about 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) more than the day before.  And I don’t want to get discouraged.

Today I’m planning next week’s menu, as the new week begins tomorrow!  I altered the menu from the book a bit again, to incorporate “left-overs” from this week.

The shopping list is not as long as last week’s.  Right on!!  Actually, looking in my fridge today, you’d think that it is still full and why would I need anything more?

Hubby again will be out of town from Tuesday – Friday, which means I just got to focus on feeding myself and the boys for the week.

Egg Breakfast Muffins.jpg

Breakfast today, after lemon water and coffee was Egg Breakfast Muffins.

I remember a couple months ago I found a recipe on Pinterest for egg muffins and decided to give it a try.  Yea, didn’t turn out so well.

Nonetheless, I decided to go try this one out because I don’t believe in giving up 🙂

And good thing too!

These muffins are yummy!

Granted, they puffed up a lot in the oven, but then once I took them out, they deflated a bit.  Maybe they aren’t so pretty, but the taste for sure makes up for that!

So today I really had to test out my willpower.

My older son has been asking me to bake him my apple pie for him that he loves so much.  And this is a standard apple pie, with flour crust, brown sugar, lots of apples, etc….   Everything that is NOT keto.

And you know what?  I didn’t even flinch.  The pie turned out wonderful and everyone loved it. And I didn’t even feel tempted.

Ok.  Good!  But I won’t put a pic of it here since I wouldn’t want to tempt YOU just in case you are also doing Keto…

When lunch time rolled around, I figured, since I have all my boys at home that the casserole would be a better choice than the soup.

Casserole au Gratin.jpg

Baked together, it looks like it could be bland.

Totally not.

L 7


Here Maxi made sure to let his effort to help known by placing his #1 cuddly toy right on the recipe book.


We all loved it.

Maxi eating lunch

The rest of the day was real chill.  Today is a free day in Slovakia, so Alexander spent most of the day playing with our neighbors, and Kamil and I chilled at home with Maxi.  He even took the baby out for a walk so I can write on my blog 🙂

So when supper time rolled around, I didn’t feel like cooking much.  Plus, the boys all ate the apple pie I made, so they weren’t really hungry for another meal.

So I had me some of the pumpkin soup I made last night.  But since it was really really thick, I added a dollop of Greek yogurt and about 1/2 cup of unsweetned almond milk.  Then I sprinkled some crushed walnuts.

Perfection.  This recipe may not have been in the book, but it’s definitely one I’d like to repeat.


Keto week 2, day 6

Weight: 70.2kg / 154.7 lbs.  Yeay!!!

The last time I weighed this much was the week after Christmas last year when I had such a bad case of Bronchitis that I was in the bed, sweating, not eating, not moving basically for one week.  I had never had this before, where I was so sick I literally couldn’t get out of bed!!  My husband didn’t want to believe it!  And in those 5 days that I didn’t leave the bed (except to change the sheets cuz that’s how bad I was sweating), I dropped 5 kg / 11 lb.

This way of dropping the weight is much better.  And more fun!!!

So about today…

I enjoy Thursdays.  Because of the toddler group.  I’d never think I’d be one to say this, but it’s true.

conference call

Just look at these little conspirators!!

There is a good group of parents, and the kids are cute.  It’s the perfect solution to get out of the house on a cold winter’s day.  And Maxi for sure has so much to explore – new toys, new people and new children!

Morning is as usual – lemon water and black coffee.


I managed to make today’s breakfast, Vanilla Belgian Waffles before we had to go to toddler group.

Vanilla Belgian Waffles.jpg

Since I don’t have a waffle maker I just made pancakes out of them.

Fluffy is very accurate.


They were quite good, but once again, I would add more vanilla and also cinnamon.  Maxi liked them, but only with honey.  I, on the other hand, ate them as is.  Then off to toddler group we went.

Afterwards was usual, Maxi went down for his nap, I had a quick lunch of leftover peanut soup (minus the chicken) and then the babysitter came so that I could go run some errands.

Today feels like a real winter’s day.  There was frost on my car in the morning, and the air has that winter chill in it.  And while I do enjoy winter sometimes, today I couldn’t help but think how much I miss the warm weather.

California dreaming

The sweater says it all.

The evening was all over the place.  Kamil was back from his trip and X was home from school.

I made a keto pumpkin soup from some pumpkins Kamil had bought a while ago.  I just found a random recipe on Pinterest and followed it.  Unfortunately I don’t know which recipe I used now 😦

It came out good.  Very thick and creamy.

I also had some leftover Spinach Souflee, which I gave to hubby.  But I also ate a bit cuz it’s just that good.

Besides that I had a glass of dry red wine (which gave me a slight buzz!) and some walnuts.

It’s amazing how, ever since I’ve gone keto, wine gets to me much quicker than it used to.  Of course I googled it, and it turns out that this is normal.  You can read about alcohol tolerance while keto here.

So I definitely ate more than my fair share, thinking that I’m going to regret this tomorrow.

With that I’m done for today. xoxo

Keto week 2, day 5

Weight (I was so afraid to get on the scale!!!!): 71.5 kg/ 157.8 lbs.  RIGHT ON!!  I bet it’s because of yesterday’s workout 🙂

I’ve been up since 4am.  Maxi’s sleep is still not back to normal.

Kill me now!!

I was so tired in the morning, it took me at least half an hour before I actually made myself water with lemon!!  After that you know what was next: my beloved coffee.  I even made enough in the French Press for 2 cups, because I knew I’d need it later in the day.

Breakfast Sandwich.jpg

So I was very curious about today’s breakfast: Breakfast Sandwich.  The only deal is that nowhere was I able to get peameal bacon – I didn’t even know what that is!  So instead I used 3 slices of regular bacon.

I also had to look up what it meant to julienne the leek.  Haha!  Too bad I had already cut up the bell pepper, otherwise I would have cut the bell pepper to be in the same shape as the leek – yes, the perfectionist in me!

I was out of jalapeno peppers, so I added a quarter of avocado on the side and sprinkled fresh cilantro on top 🙂

Mmmmm… You know?  You really gotta love eggs and bacon in order to survive on this diet.  It seems like I’m eating either or both every single day!

Initially, the plan for the day was quite busy, but, there were cancellations, plans changed, and actually today was really chill.

And good.

I am so damn tired!


I  played with Maxi till nap time.  Then after I put him down, I went to bed myself.  And I actually got an hour sleep in there!!!  Woke up with new energy to continue my day.


Who doesn’t love a good nap??

Lunchtime showed me Cucumber Green Smoothie.

Cucumber Green Smoothie.jpg

I totally winged it.

I didn’t have protein powder, tahini nor coconut oil.  Instead, I added a tablespoon of peanut butter, and I poured more coconut milk.  Not sure how much in total – enough to make the smoothie drinkable.

At first I thought – how in the world can a smoothie keep me full till supper?  But then, once I started drinking it – by the way: a kind of YUM I haven’t experienced before – I realized that it is quite filling.  Good!


But in the end my initial thought was right.  I was so so SO hungry by the time supper rolled around, I had to move slowly or else I got dizzy!  I know I could have eaten a small snack, but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood.  I thought that drinking bucket-loads of water would help…  Not so much.

Supper was the Swedish Meatballs from earlier in the week, along with a Spinach Souffle.

Spinach Souflee

I realized the best thing to do with the meatballs was to cut them up into quarters, and put them into a bowl with the sauce.  That way they weren’t dry at all, and very yummy.

But the Spinach Souffle stole the day.

Exactly like my favorite quiche – spinach and cheese – just without the crust.


Since I made more than just 1 portion as this is going into tomorrow’s menu for sure.  I am definitely cancelling something out…

Just don’t know what yet.

Bye bye!! xoxo

Keto week 2, day 4

Still not weighing.  Maybe tomorrow.


Oh my Lord, I feel like I got no sleep last night.  Maxi is going through some damn sleep regressions, waking up a million times per night for no apparent reason, and thus not letting me sleep.  Some of the times he just yells in his sleep, as though he is having a bad dream.  And this has been going on for a week, or even more.  I’m not sure… I’m too damn tired!

Nonetheless, the babysitter is coming today and I am going to the gym!  But first things first:

After  my lemon water and coffee, today’s breakfast is Spiced Cream Cheese Pancakes.  I made the sauce yesterday, so it’s waiting in the fridge for the pancakes.

Spiced Cream Cheese Pancakes.jpg

Cinnamon Caramel Sauce

I figured I’ll make the full amount in the recipe, in the hopes that my boys will like it too!

Of course this pancakes are flatter than traditional ones, but they were quite easy to flip over, so I wasn’t worried.

And the smell of the cinnamon… mmmmmm!  The only thing is, I was under the impression that the recipe, which is for 4 servings, would yield 8 pancakes.  I got a lot more!  So it took a while before I fried up all of them!

B 6

I was so hungry by the time I was done, grabbed the sauce out of the fridge, put some pancakes on a plate for me, sat down and…

the sauce was solid.

Note to self: NEVER make the sauce ahead of time again.

But that’s ok, I just microwaved some of it, and poured it over my pancakes.

B 7

Not bad!!  I was expecting them to be tastier, though.  I think that maybe next time I;ll add some vanilla extract and/or more spices.

Soon after my breakfast it was time to put Maxi down for his nap, and I had an English lesson with my neighbor.

L 1

Then I made me a quick Cobb Salad for lunch and soon after that the babysitter came, so off to the gym I went!  I swear I could barely keep my eyes open.  I was even driving the speed limit (I’m a rather fast, yet safe, driver).  I really had to use all I got to get to the gym.

For my workout, I always do: 20 min intense cardio, preferably on the stationary bicycle, then I do a bunch of weight machines, always 3 sets of 10 reps, increasing the weight once it gets easy.  And then I finish it off with another 20 min of intense cardio, usually on the elliptical.  The first photo is the bike, the second is the elliptical (sorry, I was still moving when I took the photo because as soon as you stop it resets).

I was afraid that today would be difficult not only because I am sleep deprived, but also because the last time I had been to the gym was over a week ago.  However, it wasn’t so bad!  I left feeling energized yet exhausted.

After coming back home with Alexander, I plopped down on the couch and literally fell asleep.  It may have been only 5 minutes because Maxi was crawling over me, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Once the crisis passed, I was able to play with the little one up until dinner time.

Coconut Chicken.jpg

Today’s dinner was Coconut Chicken with Zucchini Fritters.  I marinated the chicken last night, so I was expecting it to be full of flavor.  It was so good even Maxi, who had already eaten, was gobbling up my chicken!!

Keto week 2, day 3

I’m not weighing myself today.  Why?  Because of yesterday.

Yesterday was the baptism of my niece, where my husband and I became Godparents – yeay!!!  Little Laura is just sooooo adorable!

Anyhow afterwards there was a dinner at a restaurant.  While I ordered duck with cabbage, and drank sparkling water, I feel that this meal nonetheless knocked me out of ketosis.  I’m pretty sure that there was flour or cornstarch used to thicken the sauce, and probably some other small ingredients involved in cooking the meal that are not keto….

But the important thing is that we had a nice day yesterday, and today I’m back on the keto wagon 🙂

Fluffy Baked Omelet with Pancetta and Cheese

Breakfast was supposed to be a yummy Baked Omelet with Panetta and Swiss Cheese, like I had last week, but due to the rush I was in this morning, I didn’t make it.

See, this morning hubby woke up with the kids, so I could sleep in a bit.  So I woke up at 8am, and within 40 minutes was out the door with little Maxi, on our way to a toddler group.  My coffee was in my tumbler, and I threw in 3 of yesterday’s Applesauce Yogurt Muffins into my purse with the intention of eating them on the drive over.

That didn’t happen.

On way home from toddler group

I finally got back home at 11, put Maxi down for his nap, and only now I am sitting, finishing my coffee and eating my breakfast muffins.

That is how my baby naps…

Busy morning, but we had fun 🙂

I’ve been hungry ALL DAY TODAY.  And I’m feeling fat.  Bloated.  Heavy.  Yucky.

Yes, it’s first days of the most hated days of any woman’s month.  If you know what I mean.  That also means I won’t weigh myself for a couple of days.  I actually am always 1 kg heavier during this time.  And I don’t want to get discouraged.  So I’ll just stay off the scale for a bit.

Anyways, lunch?  Yesterday’s Peanut Chicken Soup.  Mmmmmm…  Maxi liked it too!!!  He was repeating “soup, soup!” for me to give him more.

After lunch Maxi and I got into the car and drove to Alexander’s school.  We were 20 minutes early so we could hang out at the playground.  Well, it’s November, and it’s cold.  So we were the only ones there.  After about 15 minutes, we just walked into school to wait for X there.

Hungry again. Time for Swedish Meatballs with Zucchini Fritters.

But I was so wrapped up on doing things for both boys, I didn’t even realize that, while I prepped the meatballs yesterday, I didn’t make the sauce, and I had yet to finish the Zucchini Fritters!  Not to mention I started preparing the sauce for tomorrow morning’s pancakes.

Zucchini fritters

Yea, that’s me.  Doing 5 million things at once.  And succeeding!!

My husband had some of the meatballs yesterday, and I knew from him that they were quite dry.


So once the sauce was done (did I mention I didn’t put in the arrowroot because not only do I not know what that is, but they don’t have it here), I cut the meatballs in half and let them slowly soak in the sauce.

Not bad.  Fritters were all right.  This meal wasn’t amazing, but it was alright!  Next time I’d try to make the meatballs jucier somehow…


Tomorrow I finally am able to get back to the gym!!!  I can’t wait!!

Now, back to my Rooibos tea and good night!! xoxo

Keto week 2, day 2

Weight: 71.9kg / 158.5 lbs.

Today my ability to be Keto will be tested.  It’s my niece’s baptism and my husband and I are Godparents!! 🙂

After church, there will be a meal at a restaurant.  Hope I’ll be able to pick out something without carbs!!  In this part of Europe, flour is a main part of most recipes… it can be found in anything and everything: sauces, meats, soups, sweets, the list goes on.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

First breakfast, though: Applesauce Yogurt Muffins.

Applesauce Yogurt Muffins

Making these, I was curious how much like muffins they would turn out, given that there is no real flour.

So they didn’t raise as much, but they were soft and not at all dry!  At first the taste was a bit odd.  Maybe it’s because I am still not used to cooking/baking without flour, but actually I like them and I’m sure I could make them again.

The baptism is scheduled for 2pm, so I wanted to put Maxi down for an early nap to make sure that he wouldn’t be moody for the rest of the day.  But before that, some helping mom with the housework…

Once he was down, just before waking up the baby to leave, I have myself an early lunch: Peanut Chicken soup.

Peanut Chicken Soup

I made it yesterday, and it smelled great!


Mmmmm…. Gotta say, it sure does taste like it smells 🙂  And I feel warm, full and ready to take on the day today!


See you tomorrow! xoxo